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Who are we ? What is our history ? What does our future hold ?

Such were the questions that intrigued Quentin Carnaille in 2010 when he began his first chapter of artistic production, which would continue until 2015. Focused on the notion of time, Carnaille transformed timepieces from their standard uses as mechanical timepiece components, endowing them with a new poetic aestheticism, thereby inviting man to emancipation. At once abstract and figurative, his works are each conceived as unique productions from the perspectives of both form and scope.

The series, made completely of timepiece components and magnets, consecrates the notion of time. Unalterable Time, through which the material is metamorphosed. The systematic presence of magnets gives his work an invisible strength and a universal appeal. Quentin Carnaille speaks of the relativity of time. The time of space in Zero-Gravity and in his abstract sculptures and the time of man in his figurative representations.

All of these sculptural works are imbued with the desire to create original pieces that provide new perspectives on certain icons of art history. In this series, the artist expresses his own intimate rhythm, giving his research a universal dimension by bravely turning towards the future.

“Time only has meaning in the evolution of matter that is ever-changing in its form and organisation. Man is an extraordinary catalyst in this transformation, a true actor in the metamorphosis of matter.”