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Visual artist Quentin Carnaille worked with photographer Cliff Chan to make Glinster (M), a collaborative project first conceived as part of a residency at the Studio Garden Verrewinkel. At the time, it was a photographic composition of around one hundred images of the works of an anonymous sculptor.

Carnaille and Chan then developed a computer programme that superimposes the images, making them appear in a random order and for a random amount of time.

This was a natural development of the first installation, which intended to draw a spectral and conceptual portrait of the artist, and pursues its meaning in various ways, to create an image which is in perpetual movement and constant evolution. There are several variables at play to create this effect, including the selection of the image that is superimposed, the duration for which it appears, as well as the opacity of the images themselves as they “melt” into one another.

These “coincidences” result in a striking phenomenon, that no matter how long the programme is running for, it is impossible for two identical compositions to ever emerge from the superimposed images.

Misty, protean and organic, Glinster (M) conveys the idea of the eternal lingering of the artist’s soul, whose work is represented here as ghostly, ephemeral, yet very much alive. Indeed, in this ceaselessly changing “painting”, this intangible unity made up of coincidental singularities, what is it that we contemplate if not the very position of the artist within a temporal continuum that extends beyond him, just as it extends beyond us?

*Glinster is a Flemish word for a shimmer or lustre, which defines the radiant glow emanating from beings or places. In other words, their aura.

9 x 72 x 124 cm
Powder coated steel
QLED screen
Unique piece