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This profound piece explores the notions of time and the infinite, as our gaze loses itself at the edge of a bottomless universe. As metaphors for time, elements appear to float in a space uniformly divided, that by an optical phenomenon is projected endlessly. Here, the aim of the artist is to create a remarkable representation of an abstract, imperceptible notion. If time was invented by Man for Man, what does infinity mean? And if the infinite, a fabrication of the mind, does exist, then what does time mean? Without providing an answer, the artist questions the ephemeral nature of life, as it’s taken in a never-ending cycle.


« Man is nothing in and of himself. There are only infinite probabilities.
But he is the infinite person responsible for these probabilities. »

Albert Camus

82 x 82 x 12 cm
Steel, wood, LED, magnets, timepiece mechanisms

21 x 50 x 140 cm
Aluminium, steel, magnets, LEDs, timepiece mechanisms,
mirror, Miroview glass, electric motor, electronic board