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Like a flower blossoming, Equilibrium opens itself to its environment. The cube, freed from its constraints, reveals the surfaces of its interior. The artist employs the cube to represent the contemporary spirit. This piece shows a soul engaged in a rich, confident dialogue with its surroundings. Mirrored surfaces interact in real time with life around it. The harmony between man and nature is celebrated here in this orthogonal glass and steel construction that, in a game of reflections, becomes one with its natural setting.

Poetic opening by Franck Piepers

« Equilibrium majestically spreads out its gleaming petals.

Reflecting in tilting light, colours and shapes,
the work blossoms into a sacrificial inertia.

The blooming is enveloped in enigma,
an ode to a frozen freedom.

Now, as lightning pierces the horizon,
a prism is illuminated towards the final chapter.

Thus revealed, the present moment and the immediate environment are
welcomed to reconnect from the reflexion of the fertile green to the reflexion of the oxygenated azure. »

240 x 240 x 170cm
Steel, mirropane tempered glass

270 x 240 x 200cm
Steel, mirropane Antelio tempered glass