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The photographic series Entanglement is a collaboration between Quentin Carnaille and photographer Thomas Bevilacqua. Each photo in the series depicts a naked body seen from behind, the only human trace within a vast and changing landscape. The mirror-faced cube that covers the head of each figure is a recurring theme in Carnaille’s work. The bodies change from photo to photo as do the surrounding expanses: women and men whose morphological specificities fade before what appears to the viewer as a common destiny—to be part of the world.

Entanglement is in some ways an analysis of our condition—the animal-Man lost within an immensity that contemplates him, as in turn he contemplates the immensity. And the cube on the head of this Man evokes precisely the other face of humanity, that is to say no longer the animal but the historical entity on the threshold of its own modernity.

Naked as they are, these figures – are they the first or the last of us ? We don’t know – remind us of Man’s place within evolution, a central but nonetheless precarious place, which man has to defend by constantly reinventing himself. Although different, we are fundamentally united as we face the challenges of tomorrow.

Quentin Carnaille INTRICATION
Quentin Carnaille INTRICATION
Quentin Carnaille INTRICATION
Quentin Carnaille INTRICATION
Paper Etching Rag 
Back panel Kapa 5mm
Black brushed aluminum frame
Editing : 4