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Glinster is the fruit of a collaboration between visual artist Quentin Carnaille and photographer Cliff Chan, realised over the duration of the Studio-Garden Verrewinkel residency. 

The piece is a composition of around one hundred images of the works of a Belgian artist whose identity has been kept secret. Taken during the three days of residence, the images were conceived as a testimony to a lifetime’s work and passion.

In this way, Glinster paints a spectral and conceptual portrait of the anonymous sculptor, raising questions about time, being and the reality of its existence.  

The abstract nature of the piece adds to this attempt to bear testimony to the imprint left by an individual: rather than tracing its contours it reveals its nitescence (Glinster is the Flemish translation of this word), the radiance emanating from beings or places. In other words, their aura.

Glinster is the first piece in which the French artist duo are experimenting with a new form of representation which aims at creating a summary report by superimposition.

90 x 90 cm
FINE ART print applied on AluDibond